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  1. “S.L.G Computer System” (hereafter - S.L.G.) sales both the computer components and computer systems (hereafter - computers).
  2. The Customer places an order directly on the website owned by S.L.G. and located at by choosing the desired items (computer components and/or computers). The Customer should also mention the desired methods of payment and the delivery.
  3. After receiving the order, S.L.G. will contact Customer for obtaining the confirmation of the order and clarifying the order details, including details related to the payment and the supply (see clauses 5 and 6.) Once Customer confirms the order, he (she) prepays 10% of the order´s total value by credit card or via a wire transfer.
  4. The items will be shipped upon receiving the prepayment from the Customer.
  5. The following methods of delivery are:
    1. Delivery by S.L.G. representative
    2. Delivery by a third company´s courier
    3. Pick-up by the Customer from S.L.G. warehouse.
  6. The Customer can choose the most preferable payment options from the list:
    1. Paying by C.O.D. (cash on delivery).
    2. Paying by a credit card while placing the order. (Payment by Installments are also available.)
    3. Wire transfer to S.L.G. bank account.
  7. S.L.G. warrants the proper functionality of the supplied goods within the Warranty Period. The Warranty Period is different to either of the supplied items. The Warranty Period is mentioned either on the receipt or on the Warranty certificate and starts from the day of the particular item delivery to the Customer.
  8. If a defect arises within the Warranty Period, then the Customer should contact S.L.G. and they will come to an agreement about the repairing conditions. The particular claim will be considered ONLY if the defected item has the special label attached to it. (Such labels are attached by S.L.G. to either of the items before shipping them to the Customer.) The Customer should also provide S.L.G. with the receipt or the Warranty certificate for this item. No claims will be accepted if there is no such labels on the defected items or the items are mechanically damaged.
  9. S.L.G. is not liable for the Operating System that might be installed on the Customer´s computer by S.L.G.
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Dell Vostro 3360

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