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CoolerMaster Dual Storm
Dual Storm


The basic process of CPU heat dissipation using an axial fan involves the air pressure and volume produced by the fan to exchange heat from the heat sink. However, only the furthest side of the blade from the axle produces the most air pressure and volume, creating an undesired "blind spot" because it is unable to blow towards the center of the heat sink, which is the hottest part of the heat sink. Dual Storm, with dual-layer fan blades, blows with opposite rotating direction, reducing the blind spot at the center and thus improving cooling performance. Similar to the Jet engine's compressed air principal, dual-layer fan blades increase air pressure, an excellent choice for heat sink with high density fins catching up with the latest trend in the market on high density fin heat sinks.


- Dual-layer fan blades, increasing airflow and air pressure providing exceptional cooling performance.
- Independently-operated motors for double safety; cooling remains even when one motor stops functioning
- Futuristic cyber-look design with a mysterious hidden LED light, an excellent choice for showcasing.
- Perfect for upgrading your PC.
- Adjustable fan speed fulfills both low noise and high performance standards.


Fan size93.5*93.5*60 mm
LED number4
Voltage (Volt)12 VDC ( 7VDC - 13.5VDC )
Current (Ampere)0.7 A (Max)
Input (Watt)8.4 W (Max)
Speed (R.P.M.)3000 R.P.M. - 1400 R.P.M. A� 10%
Air Flow (CFM)41.7 CFM (Max) A� 10%
Air Pressure (mmH2O)4.2 mmH2O (Max) A� 10%
Noise22.6 dBA (Min)
Weight193 g
Bearing TypeSleeve
Speed SenserYes

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 08 January, 2005.
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